The Mighty Max…

Posted on Feb 2, 2014 in Blog

Meet Max. He is a son, a brother, a mate and most of all a little warrior.

He has had a lot going on in his little life of 2 years, problems with his heart, lungs, airways, oxygen levels, eyes, ears and throat to name a few. He has spent countless hours in hospitals, specialists, doctors and waiting rooms with amazing doctors, specialists, nurses and medical staff doing all they can to help and make him better. He has every test under the sun done to him, x-rays, scans, ecos, ultrasounds you name it. But through it all, he is a beautiful, happy, extremely loved and special little boy. Whenever anything gets thrown at him, he just takes it and gets on with it. He is the Little Engine that could.

Having slept for the most of his first year from his heart condition, he was a little bit behind developmentally. He was a late bloomer and like a lovely friend put it “He is running his own race” Over the past 6 weeks though, he has come in leaps and bounds and has amazed everyone! He talks his little head off, has the best manners in town for a 2 year old saying Please and Thank You all the time, follows instructions, helps do chores around the house and is just an absolute pleasure to be around.

Tomorrow he is going in for surgery to help make him even better. He will be at PMH with his extremely talented and caring doctors so he will in the most capable of hands. His mum, dad and brother are a little anxious as you can imagine because they love this little boy with an infinite amount of love. If you could take a moment tonight and just say a little prayer or put him in your thoughts to wish him well for his surgery, his family would be so grateful.

Meet Max. He is my son, Jacob’s little brother, Simba’s mate and Woody’s little warrior.

Max, 6 days old


Max, 2 years old


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  1. Dim
    February 2, 2014

    All the best to a beautiful family, thoughts and wishes with you all. When Max gets through this nothing will stop you guys xx


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